Kink 'ヴェロニカジェット' 主演 ヴェロニカジェット (写真 15)

Veronica Jett に 'Kink' - Veronica Jett (Wired Pussy)


発売日 : 6月28日, 2007

写真から Veronica Jett に 'Kink' Veronica Jett

ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 1)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 2)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 3)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 4)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 5)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 6)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 7)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 8)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 9)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 10)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 11)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 12)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 13)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 14)
ヴェロニカジェット に 'Kink' ヴェロニカジェット (サムネイル 15)

写真から Veronica Jett に 'Kink' Veronica Jett

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Veronica Jett に 'fucking in the bedroom with her glasses'

Veronica Jett - fucking in the bedroom with her glasses

Veronica Jett asked her husband to clean up the house while she was at work but he didn't get around to it. The only way he can get back in her good graces is to get deep into her pussy.

Veronica Jett に 'fucking in the chair with her small tits'

Veronica Jett - fucking in the chair with her small tits

Veronica can't believe that her parents are throwing away $100 for each tutoring session. She decides to do whatever she can to get her share of the money.... even if it means fucking.

Veronica Jett に 'Panty Pops 08'

Veronica Jett - Panty Pops 08

When tattooed, bespectacled beauty Veronica Jett discovers Kevin Moore jacking off with her silky underthings, the slender cutie decides to totally drive him crazy by joining the pervert in a panty-sniffing party. She removes her undies and jacks his stiff meat with the smooth fabric, then models a different pair as Kevin rubs his shaft in the cleft of her round, adorable buttocks. He pulls her underwear crotch to one side and slides his boner into Veronica's sweet pussy; pulling out, he splatters Veronica's panty-clad ass with hot splooge.

Ruth Blackwell に 'Ruth Blackwell'

Ruth Blackwell - Ruth Blackwell

Veronica Jett muthafucka! Somehow Veronica, Jason Brown & I got on the subject of pooping & peeing your pants. Don't ask me how, but we got a little carried away. Veronica is such a tiny little tramp. We both fucked this guy silly, then Jason shot his baby juice on my tummy & Veronica licked it off. Silly little slut. Doesn't she know she can't get pregnant that way?

Veronica Jett に '- Interracial Blowbang'

Veronica Jett - Interracial Blowbang

My girlfriends told me about this place where white girls go to get their mouths full of big black dick.It's a place where the floor is littered with trash, the walls are all tagged up, and no white girl's face is free of black jizz. Since I'm an interracial super whore I knew I had to find out if this place really existed. I went into the slutty side of my closet, grabbed the most revealing outfit, and made my way to the part of town where even cops dare not go. my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw a lineup of finely dressed black men who offered me a buffet of all I could suck black dick. Wasting little time I was on my knees worshipping all the black dicks I could handle. My hans were put to good use as they jerked off any free black dick while my pretty white mouth serviced another. Needless to say I got a major case of pink eye from the blasts of black jizz that came from all angles.

Veronica Jett に '- Interracial Pickups'

Veronica Jett - Interracial Pickups

Veronica Jett's ass would occupy the passenger seat in my car and this petite white girl wouldn't be easy to persuade to enter. I must have looked like the guy her parents told her not to fuck with so I had to step my charm up a few levels. I was able to get a smile out of her once I told her that I'm a collector. I collect old hip-hop albums as well as porn which I star in that never makes it to the Internet. With that embedded in her head we'd soon be speeding off to my small apartment for some interracial sexcapades. It's always tricky getting a girl to get naked for the first time and Veronica Jett was as nervous as they come. The noise of my camera flashing, the hot lights set up, and the reality that she was about to suck and fuck big black cock for the first time didn't help the situation out at all. Luck was on my side and her panties were soon off and the fucking was on! My balls were played with, my black dick wasn't ignored, and this white whore was doing anything and everything to get her dose of black jizz. Her screams must have woke the neighbors because I dould hear them banging on the walls. I didn't want them to call the cops on me and ruin our little party so I dumped my load on her and as she left she asked me to destroy the tape. Needless to say I didn't!

Veronica Jett に '- Cuckold Sessions'

Veronica Jett - Cuckold Sessions

I needed to look amazing for my date with some black guys I called over to ravage me. I informed my boyfriend that it was his job to doll me up and not to fuck it up. He means well but he's prone to white man's disease of being a screw up. After he got me ready I made sure he had a great view of the upcoming interracial fuck fest. I sucked until I got lockjaw. I got slammed from all angles until my pussy nearly fell off. If you thought I wanted it to stop then you're as dumb as my flaccid fool of a boyfriend. I got a glimpse of him rubbing his cock which is the most action he's gotten in the longest time. I must have came a dozen times from the relentless thrusting of enormous black dick that damn near ripped me in half. My boyfriend must have come from a long line of good cleaners since there was no black jizz to be found once his face was buried in it.