Vienna Black - Sister, Sister: Secret Anal Whore Shows Her Little Step-Sis The Ropes

Vienna Black - Families Tied

4月13日 - When cute little rebellious teen Vienna returns home for a surprise visit with her new creep boyfriend Smallhands, she is aiming to torment her parents, but instead finds they are gone and her older sister Vanessa is home for the week end. Vanessa is a gorgeous uptight coed and is having none of Vienna's shenanigans. Dismissing Vienna as a slut after paying Smallhands out for picking up some Hot Topic mall teen, she throws her headphone back on and goes back to working out. Determined to get under Vanessa's skin, Vienna drags Smallhands up to her old bedroom and invites him to teach her all about the BDSM sex he has been trying to convince her to try. The resulting scene is a very real first timer experience of begging for cock, intense face fucking, flogging, spanking, paddling, and submissive fucking at the hands of a sadistic top. Vienna is dragged out on to her balcony, bent over the railing, and made to have a screaming orgasm for all the world to see, with Vanessa is in the front row seats.Later Smallhands gets lost in the mansion and wanders into Vanessa' room looking for the bathroom. He starts backing out apologetically, but Vanessa makes her move, telling him if he really wants a good lay he should try someone with some more experience. Smallhands doesn't like being told what to do, and Vanessa is one hot stuck up bitch, how could he refuse? Throwing her on the bed, he starts in immediately spanking her hard with verbal humiliation, making he admit she is a greedy cum slut while paddling her round ass red, throwing her on the floor and cropping her sensitive pussy. He cuts up her nice yoga gear and throws tight metal clamps on her sensitive nipples. Face fucking her and making her cum repeatedly on the floor like a dog, she is thoroughly humbled. When she is finally in tatters and ready to submit fully, he puts her in tight belt bondage, clamps her pussy lips, and fucks her to pieces, switching freely between her ass and cunt as she screams into her ball gag and begs for more. She is rewarded with a relentless pounding and electrical shocks from a zapper. All the noise obviously draws Vienna's attention. Upset, she comes in screaming, but Smallhands reminds her that she did promise herself to him and if she really wants to done with the game so soon? Vienna has always thought her big sister was hot, so now with her all tied up and speared on her boyfriends cock, she has a chance to get in on the fun. Vienna eagerly watches and learns how to submit from Vanessa, cleaning her boyfriends cock off every time it comes out of Vanessa's ass, and waiting to cum in unison with her slut sis.The rest of the evening is spent with the girl's giving each other revenge orgasms on the sybian, clamped and tied up tight, they are both throat fucked and made to beg. Both sister's eagerly lick each other's pussy's while Smallhands takes his fill of their nubile hot bodies and covers them with the biggest load of cum we have seen in a while. ...続きを読む
London River - Slutty Housewife Anal Showdown for Step-Son's Huge Cock

London River - Families Tied

3月30日 - London River is already in a slutty slather when Mickey comes home from college, setting in on him as soon as he walks through the door. She looks like a suburban et dream with her big melon tits rolling around in a sports bra, her tight athletic body coiled and ready to get fucked. Unfortunately for her, Mickey has been thinking it is time to stop their little affair, and he is going to abstain even though his father isn't home for another day. That fucking slut London has other plans, and strips down naked to deliver a sandwich with the crusts cut off and her sweet pussy to Mickey in his bedroom. Realizing he can't keep this cougar down, he ties her up in a strappado, clamps her big milky titties, and face fucks her on the porch until she is begging to cum and red in the face from being thoroughly slapped around. Right when she thinks she is going to be allowed to cum he tells her to go to the store to buy him another type of deli meat.On her way way out of the house she runs right into nosy little neighborhood whore Cherry Torn, who quickly works out that Mickey, her favorite teen dick ont he side is home from college. Sneaking up to the house to get dicked down once London has left, Cherry has the smirk wiped off her pretty face when Mickey thrown her down on the living room floor, ripping her clothes off and cropping the shit out of her pussy, tying her tits up tight, and spanking her ass a deep red while she begs for more. More comes in the form of a hard collegiate dick in her pretty ass, and cumming with her face ground in the shag carpet. London comes home and tried to act shocked and angry, but Mickey throws her ass down on the floor, ties her up, and uses her mouth to cleans Cherry's ass off his dick. London curses out Cherry between having a cock shoved in her mouth and being slapped around. Jealous and territorial she tries to claim Mickey's cock as hers to ride, but her eyes are bigger than her pussy and she ends up tied on her back, getting shocked and slapped and fucked in both her holes, culminating in Cherry shoving her entire fist in that uppity bitch's bubble butt, fucking her into a hot red gaping orgasm with Mickey uses his Step-Mothers face. Humiliated and fucked out, London makes Cherry sucks her son's dick real good, spitting in her face and grabbing her by the hair. Mounting Cherry up on his dick, she bounces her up and down little a little sex doll. Her step-son's cum load belongs to her, and she pushes Cherry back off his cock an get on her back to work that hot cream out of her son's dick. ...続きを読む
Cherie DeVille - The Honeypot: Mother Daughter Scam Artists Anally Punished By Tech Nerd

Cherie DeVille - Families Tied

3月16日 - Elegant and sexually voracious Cherie Deville, and her innocent teen accomplice Summer Day are a formidable strength of female wiles. They are living the good life scamming and black mailing local tech nerds off online dating sites. Cherie sets the trap with, and Summer is bait, playing a virgin teen geek that just wants to try some cock for her first time. Cherie and Summer have been working successfully, taking blackmail payments and ruining men’s lives until they tangle with Tommy. Geeky, shy and vulnerable, until he gets in the bedroom and turns into a BDSM rage demon. Cherie invites him over for their fourth date and gets more than she bargained for once he drops a plastic bag over her head, cinches her in tight leather belt bondage, and covers her perfect tits with tight clamps. Intense breath and fear play renders Cherie into a convulsing orgasm machine, begging for more flogging, more dick, more punishment - she’s almost sad when the planned fake phone call comes in, calling her into work.Cherie lays the trap perfectly, leaving Tommy alone with Summer so she can take full advantage of Tommy’s blue balls and weakness for hot girls in glasses. Summer lays her nubile body against his hard dick, says her lines, and soon has some hot nerd cock down her throat. Once her huge tits come out the plan is in motion, with her climbing on top of him to grind out a couple orgasms on his dick before Cherie comes storming back in, feigning shock, demanding compensation, and sending Tommy packing. Unfortunate for her and Summer, the dating service has been alerted to their antics and sent out an email profiling their operation to other dating site patrons. Tommy is sick of hot women taking advantage of him and goes right back into the house rental to finish his perfect week end. Taping Cherie's hands behind her back and taping a vibe to her swollen clit, he throws Summer on the floor and beats her ass with her fake chemistry book. Spanking her ass bright red, he decides to shove his geek cock up her ass and make her scream and beg in front of her step mother. Shoving his dirty dick in her mouth, he has her promise Cherie they will have lots of fun this weekend. Tommy’s idea of fun is testing Cherie and Summer’s familial loyalties to each other with voice activated electro torment, anal sex, fisting, cropping, intense deep throating, pile driver bondage, and making Mommy cum on her lying, cheating daughter’s face. ...続きを読む
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Alana Cruise - It's Only Natural: MILF Professor Made Anal Slave by Step-Daughter and Intern

Alana Cruise - Families Tied

3月2日 - Uppity gorgeous ivy league professor and her step-daughter think they have a big dick summer fuck boy when intern Xander comes to stay for the summer. Professor Alana Cruise wastes no time showing Xander the lay out of the house, his room, and then her wet hot dripping cunt ready for some dick. Xander is shy at first, but soothed by her talk about revolutionary work relations and everything being natural, he goes ahead and dommes the shit out of her with a strict flogging, face slapping, spitting, and spanking. When her rich ass is bright hot red and raised in the air she takes her from behind, fucking her into complete cumming submission. He doesn't both asking before sliding right into her tight ass, fucking her like a cheap whore and humiliating her for cumming without permission by throwing her on the floor and choking her out with his own tie while she gets herself off with her hand. Much to his surprise, after cumming she jumps up like nothing happened and reminds him to prepare their conference presentation for the next day, leaving the room as quickly as she came onto him.Devious little teenage beauty queen Avi Luv entertains herself with trying to embarrass Xander, letting him know he isn't the first scholarship student her mother has invited to the house for sex and that he won't be the last. Her big green eyes widen with surprise and pleasure when he reaches up and grabs her by her arrogant little neck, throwing her down on the family couch and spanking her ass a deep red. Covering her tight little tits with clamps, he taunts her and throat fucks her in turn. She seems to lapping it all up until he puts a tight clamps on her hungry little clit and fucks her with deep long strokes on the living room floor. Placing the clamps from her tits to her mouth, her stretches her face into a degrading grotesque smile and fucks it with his cock. Stunned, she takes everything he has to give her. Heavily clamped with metal clovers, he bends her over backwards in a stressful bondage tie and fucks her while waiting for her mother to come home.  Avi's face and cunt are left completely vulnerable for fucking, and Xander uses each hole in turn until her Professor Cruise comes homes and has her face shoved in her daughter's well used cunt to lap it all up. Playing them off against one another, Xander watches them shift the blame and takes floggings for their part of play in this family tragicomedy of errors. Beaten red and screaming in tight rope ties, Xander takes him time fucking all their holes, watching them come around to love his cock and eating each other's pussy's with taboo pleasure. ...続きを読む
Helena Locke - Gold-Digging Anal Teen Learns the Old Fashioned Way

Helena Locke - Families Tied

2月16日 - With a sexy young body and an airy sense of entitlement, Chloe Cherry is any Step-Mother's worst nightmare. Whenever Chloe needs some more money, she has no qualms about popping by her Step-Father's house to suck his dick and get another loan. Submissive and sexually curious, this has been a long standing agreement with her and her Daddy/Master Tommy Pistol, but when she rolls up unexpected in a hot little dress looking for some good fucking and a little lipstick money, Tommy is a bit apprehensive- until Cherry get's on her knees and put's her greedy little hands all over his cock without permission. Clearly in need of a submissive training update, Tommy takes her through her paces with intense face fucking, spanking, hard flogging, nipple clamps, and some humiliation. What do bad girls get when they steal orgasms? They get fucked in the ass, bent over on the kitchen floor and used like a little sex doll. Enjoying both her holes Tommy gets close to cumming, but hears the sound of the front door opening and puts his cock away, demanding that Chloe get in her clothes FAST. His new fiancé and stopped by - the gorgeous and intimidating Helena Locke. She takes one hard look at Chloe and you know there is going to be trouble for this little blond minx.Once Tommy has left them alone to get acquainted Helena takes full advantage of the situation, stripping Chloe of her heels and dress, throwing her naked teen body on the floor and making her pick up her clothes while being brutally flogged, zapped, and spanked. Helena stuffs her fist in that sweet young pussy, only to deny Chloe and orgasms. As head bitch and new step-mother Helena will always get her orgasms first, and grinds her pussy on Chloe's face as she flails and screams from her spankings. Having came on Chloe's face, she takes her thoroughly humiliated young miss downstairs to receive further punishment and discipline.Tommy returns to a comforting domestic scene: Chloe tied down to the Syrian with a full zipper and a service gag holding a perfect scotch just for him. Only problem is, he didn't request this, and it seems his type A submissive bride to be has gotten a little bit ahead of herself. After Chloe apologizes for her misbehavior and shakes like a whore on the Syrian while being flogged, choked, and throat fucked, she has her zippers pulled off and struggles through the mot painful orgasm of her life. She's not the only one bound for punishment. Helena is bent over the couch and has her perfect athletic body covered with thick cane stripes for being so presumptuous as to punish Tommy's daughter for him, and assuming a role of dominance in his hierarchy. Fucked and begging for orgasms with a pink cropped pussy and red spanked ass, Helena leads by example, and shows Chloe how to really degrade herself and beg to cum like a slut.The whole new family unit takes a fuck ride not the couch, double stuffing CHloe's pusy and ass, and sucking Daddy's dick real good like a team. ...続きを読む
Alex Harper - To Be Promised: Psycho Lesbian Sister's Sadistic Obsession

Alex Harper - Families Tied

2月2日 - Olive Glass is a rare beauty with a seductive and submissive sexuality. Her new Master is one lucky guy to have this stone cold babe collared and kneeling at his feet. Olive comes with a catch, and that catch is that she has promised herself to another for most of her life: her step-sister Alex Harper. Long ago she promised her gorgeous lesbian sister she would belong to her if only she would touch her greedy cunt. Alex does not take this promised lightly, and sends all of Olive's boyfriend packing quickly, taking ownership of her slutty little sister's pussy once again.This Master has a will of steel, and does not take kindly to Alex's imposition. When Olive asks that her collar be removed while visiting Alex he delivers a strict reprimand in the form of a hot wax and intense flogging scene in tight leather bondage. Her perfect nipples are clamped and her horny cunt beaten red while she begs to have her collar and her Master's cock back again. Her submission is palpable and the chemistry thick in this intense D/s scene. Mounted up on Derricks cock she rides hard and breathlessly, begging to cum and is allowed her well earned orgasm on the condition that she deliver news of her new relationship to Alex.Olive creeps into the kitchen to let her sister see her collar and tell her that she belongs to Derrick. Alex's eyes flash with anger and snatches her little bitch sister up and punishes her hard and fast with a barrage of verbal humiliation and spanking. Plugging her sister's pussy up with an electric dildo and cuffing her hands behind her back, she places the electro audio setting on and has Olive lick her psychotic pussy while she moans into the microphone, shocking Olive's trapped cunt, creating a feedback loop of sadistic pleasure. When Alex has her screaming shuddering orgasm on Olive's face she arouses Derrick from the back of the house, and smiles with pleasure as he invites her to engage in a face to face battle of the wills.This sexy red headed witch likes it both ways and allows Derrick to trap her pale body in a BDSM sex take down while Olive struggles to get out of her handcuffs. Spanked, cropped, and fucked in the ass in rope bondage Alex licks up every second of release. When Olive finally wrests herself free and comes into the room, her boyfriend is thoroughly enjoying all of Alex' holes and invites her to sit on Alex' face for the first time ever. The rest of the day is spent trying different hot positions as both ladies enjoy getting railed in mutual sexual pleasure and Olive licks hot cum off Alex well used cunt. ...続きを読む
Syren de Mer - The Perfectionist: Anal Seductress Teaches Co-ed to Squirt for Grades

Syren de Mer - Families Tied

1月19日 - Skylar is a hot nubile young lady, looking ripe for sex with her nose buried in a book. She's stressed about everything including her upcoming Spanish exam and private tutoring session. Her Hot Step-Mommy tries help her calm down with some breathing exercises, but Skylar just ends up gazing into her Mom's cleavage. Syren gives her a noogie and tells her to get laid, winking as she leaves Skylar with her hot Spanish professor, Mr Nomar. Sexually frustrated, stressed, and unable to interpret all the mixed messages, Skylar goes for broke and tries unzip Ramon's pants and suck her way to a passing grade. Mr. Nomar is not going to make it that easy for her and makes her beg for his dick in Spanish, seducing him slowly while he rips her out of her school girl uniform and pushes her sweet young face balls deep onto his cock. When she starts giggling as she speaks Spanish again we ties her ass up tight, covering her voluptuous tits with clamps, tying her sweet pussy open, and shocks her inexperienced clit with an electric zapper while she attempts to learn her damn lesson. When she still doesn't show any progress her plunges his fingers into her snatch and fucks a deluge of squirt out her like a screaming fountain of cum. Suddenly relaxed and able to speak spanish, she begs him to fuck her and her take a couple more rounds out on her bound body, dicking her down while she cums like a little undisciplined slut. When Syren arrives back home with the groceries she finds a concerned Ramon waiting for her. He is curious if she gave Skylar the idea to seduce him, and what kind of lesson is that to teach a young girl. Syren tries to offer money, then apologies, and then finally a blow job, but that's not what Ramon is looking for. He gives that anal slut MILF a major beating, reddening her huge tits with a flogger, spanking and caning her big beautiful ass, and making her smell his dick until she is granted permission to pounce. After a throat fucking she is thrown on the kitchen floor and fucked in the ass until she begs for her orgasms like a good Mommy. Little does she know, Skylar is still home and tied up in the next room. Ramon reunites the ladies and takes them on a whirlwind family bonding experience as Syren teaches her fresh faced academic how to suck dick, bouncing on a man's cock, take a cattle prod, and submit to bondage sex in the pursuit of the finer things in life. Skylar gleefully licks her Mommy's cunt and takes a cream pie that drips out onto her mother's face. Big tits, big asses, great chemistry. Don't miss this one. ...続きを読む
Lisey Sweet - 家族のプラットフォーム:淫乱娘の肛門娼婦

Lisey Sweet - Families Tied

1月5日 - 政治家は、彼女のすてきな小さなお尻の空腹の雌犬によって露出されています。アナル、ボンデージ、肉体、クランプ、電柱など、レポーターが望むすべてのことをやり遂げるために作られた家族。アンゲル・アルウッドは、保守的なキリスト教の女性として彼女の単板を維持する彼女のサテンのブラウスの下に彼女の巨大な汚いおっぱいをかろうじて保持している。彼女は家族のプラットフォーム上で実行されている知事のための高圧力のレースにいます。彼女は微笑んで、彼女の早熟な小さな雌犬リセイが彼女の復讐をプロットとしてカメラの祈りの手を作る。彼女のステップ・マザーの歴史を暴露し、不正行為を暴露することは、リセの主な意図ですが、ちょっと、レポーターがかわいいですし、数ヶ月でハード・ディックを見たこともありません...リオンは彼女の後ろに、レポーターの巨根の上に赤く、衝撃を与えて、揺らすことができます。一度束縛のパイルドライバーが尻を抱き、ベルトで窒息すると、多分彼女はいくつかの考えを持っていたかもしれませんが、すぐにオーガズムの大洪水で洗い流されます。アンジェルは貴重な小さなキリスト教徒の天使彼女の隣には奇妙な男とシビアンが乗るが、写真は実際に彼女の次のツイッターポスト、彼女の母のセックスのおもちゃのすべてでポーズをとっているLiseyの写真を提示するときに焦点が合う。 Liseyは彼女の足に飛び跳ね、Liseyのような少しブロンドから期待しないくそった話の嵐の中で彼女の母親を連れ去る。真珠は彼女の首から裂けて、彼女の10代の手にディックを吸うようにされた、エンジェルは彼女の本当の性質を暴くとラモーンの雄鶏を飲み込んで、彼女が彼女の娘のお尻を舐めるように喜びで叫んで、sybianに乗って、彼女の魅力的なおっぱいの鞭打ちとクランプ。今日の残りの部分は、オルセー、すべてのオルガズムを盗む、良い女の子のようにコックに乗る、ロープの束縛、杖、プッシーの舐め、そしてどのようにあなたの小さな雌犬の顔をザーメンで覆いましょう。 ...続きを読む
Penny Barber - Cock Crazed Step-Mommy Just Wants Anal For Christmas

Penny Barber - Families Tied

12月22日 - Penny Barber is bustling around the house preparing a cookie plate for her thick dicked step-son to get home for Christmas. Her husband is safely scheduled to return a day late, leaving her lots of time to get all her slutty holes filled and get her round ass punished for all her misdeeds this year with a strict belting and caning. Huge tits bouncing in her Christmas sweater she runs right into a holiday disaster: her step-son making out with his goth girlfriend he brought home for Christmas. Cookies come crashing to the floor as Penny regards her new rival Ivy LaBelle. A curvy perfect body to match Penny's with plenty of attitude, iconoclast Ivy is having none of Penny's holiday cheer, and drags her boyfriend upstairs to fuck her in tight bondage, flogging her wet cunt, and spanking her big round ass. Xander takes Ivy to task for thinking she's superior to his step-mother, but nothing prepares him for when Penny charges right up the stairs and calls him out of his bedroom in a clever bid to get some. He politely tries to stay out of trouble, but Penny get's right on his cock and tell's him she needs her punishment. Her handsy bullshit activates a sadistic flare in him, and he throws her over the couch, spanking the shit out of her, belting her ass, and giving her a strict caning. Putting her in tight belt bondage he plows her ass hard and fast, making her scream and cum like a whore in the living room. However, even that isn't enough for Penny. She waits like a cat for her prey in the living room all night, and eventually is rewarded when Ivy appears to steal some cookies from Santa's platter. She gives Ivy her Christmas present early: a big metal butt plug to prepare for her step-son's monster cock. Before she can get fucked, Ivy has to endure confessional, having hot wax dripped all over her tender flesh, flogged off, and made to hold her orgasms back while holding heavy buckets of coal. When Penny is sure this little goth slut is good enough for her step-son, she commences in training her how to take a huge dick in her tight ass, smothering her new step-daughter in her tits and cropping her swollen red cunt until she cums, shuddering and screaming in front of the Christmas Tree. ...続きを読む
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Helena Locke - ダディーズリトルアナルエンジェルは、押し戻されたステップマミーで回った

Helena Locke - Families Tied

11月24日 - マヤ・ケンドリックは、船乗りの心を喜んで喜ばせる華麗な美しさです。彼女は彼女が何を望んでいるかを知っています、そして、彼女は娼婦の男の子をぶら下げています。しかし、彼女のプライムと適切なステップ母親は、お父さんが町を離れているときに彼女を支配下に置くことを任され、彼女の娘と娘のコントロール方法で独創的になることに決めます。ヘレナは自分の体をマヤと終わらせる代わりに、彼女が何のためにいるのか分からない。スパンキングされた、屈辱された、頼むようにされた、オマンコは締め付けられ、垂れ流し、天井に縛られ、彼女は彼女の甘い奪いにその厚い十代のディックのために頼むがショックを受けた。カミングは何ヶ月もの間に初めて契約を解除していると分かり、Xanderは両者を守ってくれるまで笑顔で微笑んでいる。マヤはヘレナの計画について調べることを喜んでおらず、ディック・ババック、ギャグ、深い喉を盗み、厳しい鞭打ち、パドリング、そして激しい尻を踏んで素早く盗むことができます。彼女の貴重な娘が彼女のお尻を堅い雄鶏でいっぱいにするのを見ている間、赤くて、犯される準備ができて、彼女は頼んで、彼女の従順な誇りを見せる。この小さな肛門の女はそれを取ることができ、彼女はそれらの肛門オルガズムを取得しながら彼女のショックを受けたお母さんのお尻を舐める。ママはその後、Xanderのディックにバウンスし、野生の束縛のsybianの乗車許可なしに彼女のコントロールの小さな天使のcumsの彼女のたびに処罰されて、結ばれています。彼女が娼婦のように笑っている間、彼女は彼女の巨大な巨根を手に入れながら、彼女はザッパーとペイシッシャーのコントロールを得ると甘くて、盗まれたオルガスムのための彼女の十代の悪夢のお尻をする。担当の担当者、ヘレナは、マヤの頭を撫でて、深い喉を舐めて、ディックを吸って、彼女をマウントして、彼女の乗り物をXanderと兼任させました。ママは最終的に彼女が本当に欲しいものを手に入れ、彼女の豪華な小さな雌犬は彼女の猫にぴったりと顔を照らし、彼女のタイトなカンツでザーメンを熱くする。熱い更新、逃してはいけない.... ...続きを読む
Phoenix Marie - 私のステップ・マザーは秘密のセックス・スレーブです

Phoenix Marie - Families Tied

11月22日 - イノセント・パイパー・ペリは、第二の家族の邸宅で彼女のステップ・マザーを驚かせます。フェニックス・マリーは秘密裏に閉じ込められた舞踏会の後、バトラーに秘密裏に奉仕しています。バトラーはすぐに、パイパーが縛られて終わる魅惑的なゲームで彼女の好奇心を抱いた若い心を捕まえる。これは、タブーの性的奉仕に対するパイパーの紹介であり、服従雄鶏の崇拝と彼女のステップ・マザーの飽くなき尻を抱かせる肛門の新たな生き方です。両方の女性は激しく縛られ、欲望と罰のサディスティックなゲームで、お互いに使用され、競い合い、犯されて交代で使用されます。 ...続きを読む