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Zoe Parker - 従順な人を訓練する、娼婦を罵倒する

Zoe Parker - Training Of O

4月8日 - ゾーイパーカーは、トミーピストルのために従順な娼婦になりたい。ゾーイは彼女の従順な、剃った猫を彼女の奴隷トレーナーに送り、彼のハード・ディックの先端で学ぶことを懇願する。 ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - 新しい肉のミスのためのアベラのアナル違反

Zoe Parker - Upper Floor

3月11日 - スラッティ・マゾヒスト・アベラ・ダンジャーは完璧な奴隷ですが、別のホット・スレーブ・ファック・ミートを教えるために卒業できますか?バトラーは彼女がラウンジをきれいにするのを見て、彼女が新しい女の子を悪用しているのを見つけます。ゾーイはルールを教えていない。アベラのお尻にラッピングをしているだけでなく、仕事も与えられている。残酷な金属の乳首クランプと体重はAbellaに適用され、Billは新しい奴隷訓練生を縛り、新しい女の子を適切に使う方法をAbellaに示すように彼女に謙虚さの教訓を教えます。彼女の熱い口に雄鶏を詰め込んで、彼女のタイトな猫を犯し、彼女が彼女にぶち壊されたルールを持っているように彼女のクリトリスを刺激し、彼女がそれらを暗唱できなければ手にエレクトロザッパー。アベラは、彼女の腫れた乳首から緊密な金属留め具を引っ張るために後方に歩いて、刑罰オルガスムを与えられます。 2番目のシーンでは、アベラはテーブルの下に頭を閉じていて、お尻は開いたままにしています。ゾーイは、彼女とアベラの平静さに対する喜びを覚えている間に、立って彼女のピンクの淫らな女に深く打ちひどい声を上げなければなりません。 Abellaのお尻に優雅に懇願して、Zoesは、タイトなロープボンデージで両方のクライテットにラッチされたバイブレーターからの報酬オルガズムを得る。ゾーイと素晴らしい仕事をしたアベラは、残りのサービスのために拘留中の苦痛と荒い肛門性交をしています。新鮮な女の子のゾーイの顔の表情は貴重で、彼女は彼女の舌でアベラのおならを癒し、アベラの狂った胸のジッパーにクランプをつける。両方の女の子はうまくいった仕事のために、彼らの素敵な顔の上に大まかなリバースカウガールのファックと熱い兼を取得します。 ...続きを読む

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Astrid Star - My Stepmom Is A Camgirl

Astrid Star - Bad MILFs

3月2日 - Astrid Star is a busty stepmom who got into webcamming to help pay for her stepdaughters school. She was definitely making the cash she needed to help, but she thought that Zoe needed to contribute as well. Astrid launched her live broadcast and brought her cam over to Zoe's room. She was actually sucking her boyfriends cock as Astrid walked in. The show started exploding with tips. Astrid knew if she really wanted to score some heavy extra cash she would have to find a way to get more and more footage of scenarios like this. The next day Astrid set her cam up in the living room where she started to play with herself. Zoe and her boyfriend unknowingly walked in on her, but Astrid was quick to hide what she was doing. While they watched a movie, Astrid continued to stroke her mature pussy until Zoe caught her. Boy did she have some explaining to do. This actually turned into a great thing though because Zoe and her boyfriend were totally down to join her for every broadcast! The next show was their highest grossing to date. This family duo took turns sharing Nates cock for tips and even shared his jizz too. Stay tuned to her channel for the hottest BadMilf action you have ever seen! ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - Side Chick games

Zoe Parker - Blacked

1月20日 - Zoe is about to go on her first weekend away with her boyfriend, Rob. They have been seeing each other for six months or so and they are perfect together - or so she thought. When her friend calls her to discuss some concerns she has, it leaves Zoe wondering if she has made the right choice. After thinking about the whole situation, she realises that she is in fact a side chick, and not the only woman in her boyfriend's life. The thing is, she finds it a bit of a turn on - will she give it all up? ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - It Just Slipped In

Zoe Parker - It Just Slipped In

9月22日 - Kyle Mason and his stepsister Zoe Parker fight over the milk at the breakfast table. When Kyle splashes it all over Zoe, she peels off her shirt and tackles him onto the couch. She's wearing just a thong, and Kyle is wearing boxers. In the scuffle, his dick pops out of his underwear and slips into Zoe's creamy snatch. She loves the way it feels and rides him like her personal steed. When he flips her onto her back, she gives in completely until her whole body is pulsing with bliss. Moments later, Kyle gluts Zoe with a creampie of cum.The next morning, Zoe gets caught sneaking into the house. The tall coed offers Kyle a blowjob. When he accepts, she slips out of her sheer shirt and goes to work stroking and sucking her stepbrother's stiffie. Her deep throat adventure gets her as hot as it gets Kyle, leaving her stroking her clit as she keeps Hoovering Kyle's hardon. She doesn't stop until he has filled her mouth with jizz that dribbles down her face as she laps it up like a contented cat.A few days later, Zoe takes a shower as Kyle watches and secretly masturbates. She offers to fuck him one last time. They kick their coupling off with another blowjob that Zoe delivers with a big smile. Then Kyle gets his stepsister up on a table and slams into her bare fuck hole. They take their acrobatic sex into the shower, where Zoey bends over to get her pussy pounded from behind. The moment she has had her fill of cumming, she gets on her knees so that Kyle can give her the facial she craves. ...続きを読む
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Tana Lea - Fuck - Orgy Edition

Tana Lea - Fuck - Orgy Edition

7月8日 - Tommy and John are reminiscing about the old days. They remember when they usedto get as many girls as they wanted to come over for a little fun. This particular orgywas 4 hotties who were complete and total sluts! ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - Hookup Hotshot: Keeping It Casual

Zoe Parker - Hookup Hotshot: Keeping It Casual

7月1日 - Henessy and Grase are kooky girls with a lust for filthy sex. Hanging out at the waterfront with director Rocco Siffredi, they meet a handsome sailor boy named Markus and invite him over to their apartment. The pretty, young sluts pass the time until Markus arrives by licking pussies, rimming each other's sweet asshole and sucking the director's huge cock. Their sailor shows up and treats their young rectums to a ferocious pounding from his giant prick. The sexy students taste ass-to-mouth flavor on his cock shaft, and these nasty cuties share a spunky load of cum. ...続きを読む
Melissa Moore - Blackmailed Cheating Teens

Melissa Moore - Blackmailed Cheating Teens

5月27日 - Gorgeous, young Melissa Moore has made a terrible mistake, sleeping with Alex D., her best friend's boyfriend. Since then, Alex has been flirting and making her uncomfortable; he threatens to reveal the secret if Melissa won't keep banging him! The evil creep makes the indiscreet slut suck his enormous cock. When they're nearly discovered, Melissa must casually chat with her girlfriend as Alex's sausage pumps Melissa's pussy! The all-natural beauty rides him right on the girlfriend's bed -- a forbidden fuck climaxing in a messy cum facial. ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - The Mistaken Baby Maker

Zoe Parker - Teen Pies

11月3日 - Chad overhears his girlfriend Zoey congratulating one of her friends on how adorable her new little one is. She also mentions how she cant wait to have one of her own. Chad overhears this, and gets nervous when Zoey says he may not be ready. He has to prove himself to her. He whisks her away to the living room and starts to fuck her almost instantaneously. He knows his nut gets more potent after a good BJ, so he allows Zoey to suck on it until his balls become full. Then he rams out her tight little twat until he gives Zoey what she has secretly been wishing for... A baby!! Zoeys reaction was not a welcoming one. It turns out that she was on the phone talking about a puppy. Oh well, I guess we cant blame Chad for being concerned/trying. There is always Plan B ;) ...続きを読む
Yhivi - The Soccer Star: Part Two

Yhivi - The Soccer Star: Part Two

9月30日 - Wild and passionate lesbian sex with Soccer Star Zoe Parker leaves Yhivi in a tough situation. A simple phone call with her editor, reminds her that she was supposed to be giving an interview. They were laying on the bathroom floor licking each other's pussies, while she was supposed to be gathering information from Zoe. Most of the important questions were left unanswered, so of course round two had to happen. She doesn't want to let her editor down, or come off as a complete idiot, so Yhivi races back to Zoe's place in the hopes of getting the real story. When Zoe sees Yhivi, she's only got one thing on her mind, using her mouth again! That's a given, but it's not going to be for answering any of her questions, it's for pleasing her tight teen pussy. Zoe is used to getting everything she wants, but this time she may be at a loss when Yhivi decides it's business before pleasure. ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - First Time For Everything

Zoe Parker - First Time Auditions

9月26日 - Zoe Parker is a sweet 19 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She arrived at First Time Auditions a little nervous and shy. But she was hoping for a big dick and to be treated really rough. That's when Sean came into the picture. As soon as she put her hand on the bulge in his pants she was confident. This would be better than expected. She was curious how big he would really be. Quickly she unzipped his pants and loved what she saw. The big dick disappeared between her hungry lips.After she tasted all sides of him she climbed on top of Sean and let his big cock slowly slide between her other lips. After some riding she turned around and humped him some more. She was curious how he would taste now so she gave him another blow. Next they did some missionary, some doggy during which he pulled her hair and then Sean came all over Zoe's beautiful butt. What a great first time. ...続きを読む

Yhivi - The Soccer Star: Part One

Yhivi - The Soccer Star: Part One

8月19日 - Soccer Star Zoe Parker has just led her team to victory and now it's time to enjoy all the benefits! After a quick interview, she heads to the showers. An out of breath Yhivi arrives, only to discover that the interview has already taken place. Not wanting to lose the story she's promised her editors, she musters her pride, and enters the bathroom. As Zoe wipes off her wet body from the shower, Yhivi is standing there. Zoe knows she should be freaked out however, she takes in this cute brunette and decides she's in for some extra fun. As they begin to chat, Zoe hands Yhivi some oil, to rub on her back, not thinking much of it, she complies. However, she notices Zoe is more focused on the massage than on answering her questions, especially when Zoe, grabs the oil and pours it down her chest. As the interview progresses, it becomes less about words and more about pleasure. As Zoe licks Yhivi's hard nipples, her tongue slowly glides down her body until it reaches her awaiting pussy. As she buries her face in between her legs, Yhivi bites her bottom lip in order to stifle her cries of passion. As she cums into this Soccer Star's hot, sexy mouth, she decides it's her turn to take over this interview and Zoe has no idea what's coming..... ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - Parkers pussy

Zoe Parker - CumFiesta

7月9日 - Zoe Parker came thru today for the fiesta. She was made aware of the festivities by her friend, Heather. I honestly rarely remember any of the recommenders to our little cum parties. Zoe is your girl next door type of hottie. She's only 19, but her body is grown. Zoe has a lovely shaved pussy and some nice hand sized squeezable titties. She looks to be quite the nymph as she gets older, she was close to deepthroating and really seemed to be enjoying herself and being the center of attention. ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - Quite The Light Sleeper

Zoe Parker - My Babysitters Club

5月9日 - Looks like our Dad needs a babysitter so he can go out drinking with his buds from England. He quickly calls up the babysitters club and they send Zoe right over. Not only is she super cute, but she is one of the most kid friendly there could be. A few hours pass by and the Dad gets home from drinking, super faded. He can barely find where to put the key in the door. He stumbles in only to pass out on the couch with his pants down and cock out. Zoe hears a ruckus, and sees him blacked out. Since hes home, there is no reason for her to stay. She trys to wake him up, but hes unresponsive. She notices his cock out, gives it a little flick and instantly hes up! She said it was an accident, and he wont tell any one, only if she continues to stroke it. She gives him a nice little HJ before letting him lick her wet little cunt dry. This is between him and her, so there is no reason they cant get a little no condom penetration going on as well. Zoes eyes roll into the back of her head just before she reaches her peak. This drunk daddy had a tipsy nut just waiting for Zoes angelic little mouth. He was not the only one who was prepared! ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - Dress Code Violation

Zoe Parker - Innocent High

4月25日 - Zoe Parker typically follows all the rules, but theres some rules in life that are meant to be broken. She likes to get high on weed and not wear her panties. Sounds like dream come true right? Not at innocent high. Zoe fucks up off the bat by falling asleep in class. Her teacher notices her weed and her panties sticking out of her bag. This is strictly against school policy, so he wakes her up and confronts her. After he finds out why she hasnt been wearing the panties (its more comfortable for her), he decides that maybe he can forget about this if shes willing to let him examine what it feels like. She lifts her skirt and his cold pervy hands start rubbing her sweet little pussy. She winces in pleasure, and then it just keeps going. They fuck all over that classroom like the kid with ADD that never sits down. Zoe takes a cock just as good as her parents took her honor roll report, WITH OPEN ARMS! Mr. Rich rewards her with a steamy facial, so Zoe knows this is one assignment she has definitely exceeded expectations on for sure. ...続きを読む
Valentina Nappi - Zoe Reconnects With Valentina and Mr Pete

Valentina Nappi - Zoe Reconnects With Valentina and Mr Pete

4月17日 - Zoe is taking charge of the shoot today with Mr Pete and Valentina. Valentina is more than pleased, she's missed Zoe so much! So much, actually, that they pause to have sex together, and Mr Pete jumps in! There's nowhere else they'd rather be. ...続きを読む
Zoe Parker - StepMom Threesome!

Zoe Parker - Stepmom Videos

7月18日 - Dava Foxx is a sexy vixen that has a secret she doesn't want her husband to know. She frequently uses an app called Insta Bang; this app that allows single people to hook up with no strings attached, but Dana isn't single. On this day Dana saw that one of her matches was only 15 feet away, Her curiosity was awakened and she had to find out who this young stud was. Little did Dana know that her match was actually sitting in her living room waiting for her step daughter to get home from practice. As soon as Dana realized that Tyler was trying to hook up with MILF's she took matters into her own hands and made sure this strapping young lad would never forget what he got himself into. ...続きを読む
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